Maria Rubinke…

Maria Rubinke…memorable name and definitely definitely memorable art! This is something very scary and mesmerizing at the same time…If you are not comfortable with blood, maybe you should not go to her exhibition, but still, it’s an artist worth checking out=)

Danish-born Maria Rubinke’s (1985) small porcelain figures are reminiscent of the illogical compositions of surrealism, transforming the character of what are traditionally charming and passive objects into expressions of more taboo feelings that oscillate between desire and sadism.

It is also amazing that it’s from porcelain…something so fragile, elegant and classy is transformed into something that you’ll be thinking about for a while after seeing (probably in shock)….I would say it’s not for everyone to understand, but I absolutely admire her work and hopefully I’ll have some of it decorating my home someday, specially those “yummy” once=)

She is currently residing in Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) and has an exhibition there.

To find out more about her work, visit the Hans Alf Gallery page, Sweet Station or lifeiscarbon page. To see more about Maria, visit here.

if you din’t know about her till now, I really hope I got you interested…have a creepy and pleasant experience!=)

Here’s some of her work=)