Introducing, one of the most brilliant books ever! As for a designer, it’s my absolute favorite series of books!

Dos Logos, the follow-up to worldwide bestseller Los Logos, is an update on the current state of logo design. It not only presents extensive examples from around the globe, but also charts new developments in this field. In order to offer even more value to conscientious designers, the book classifies the included work according to the industry or purpose for which it was designed and contains more unusual applications including those used on building facades, on clothing and as illuminated advertising.

Loslogos.org, wants to protect, or at least conserve the graphic appearance of the world’s cities.

This book is the very best source of your inspiration for any kind of design job. Collection of hundreds of logo’s from around the world, categorized into sections like “music” “fashion” etc. What I like most is that it’s pure images collection, because rarely I find a book that is not filled with way too much and useless information, it only distracts from the main purpose you bought the book – get ideas from someone else’s ideas=)

From all of the many books I have so far, related to design or logos, this is the best purchase so far and I recommend it to everyone=) Get one book at the time, starting LosLogos (red) cause one book offers amount of inspiration for quite a a while…and then surprise yourself with another edition, just to make it more interesting=)

Find out about the organization that releases these books (and you may even be part of the process!) at their website.

To buy these brilliant books, you should go to my favorite shop online – Amazon.

LosLogos bookDosLogos bookTresLogos bookLosaLogos book.

I hope it was useful=)