Adaline is a Canadian musician – she was born in Ottawa Ontario and grew up all over Ontario and moved to Vancouver when she was 15 where she spent 10 years before moving back to Toronto this past year.
She has 3 albums out: Famous For Fire (2008), Neo-Noir (2010), and Modern Romantics (2011)

I discovered her only recently after she released her song “Say Goodbye (I won’t even)”. I was so mesmerized by the song that I was listening it on repeat for quite a long time….

Her newest album is different from most of the music that is out now. She herself says  “I wanted it to sound world class. A lot of people seem to be doing these very chill, laid back, organic records, and I kinda wanted to be a little more aggressive in terms of the sounds and production.” And she did!

To find out more about this great musician, see her on MySpaceFacebook and on her website.

And here is the song, that I fell in love with…Enjoy!=)