Some gift ideas…

Well, since Valentine’s day is coming, I decided to make a post proposing few gift ideas.

First of all, Valentine’s day not necessary means something cheesy and traditional, like candy, toys, etc., even though I could and probably will in the next few days post something about that too….I think you can show how much you care about a person (more specifically, a guy in this case) by giving him something practical and at the same time very original.

On the shop Cool Materials (which by the ways is very much worth to take a look), I found few things, which I believe could make a nice gift.

I have a friend who has always million things to do, he get’s so confused and all the post stick around doesn’t help….He is also a whiskey lover (in a really subtile matter, so I wouldn’t be misunderstood).

I can easily imagine him sitting with a whiskey glass in his one hand and with a organizer in another… so I found both of those items in a very fancy manner.

Check them out, maybe it will be a great gift for someone you know!=)