Darius Vaikas…

I am proud to introduce my very talented friend Darius Vaikas. A DJ and musician, who with his voice ( resembling very much The Kooks band) and guitar playing is making everyone fall in love with him, at least for the moments he is playing…

Lately guitar was set aside and he is all into exploring and sharing his DJ skills.

Born in Lithuania, grew up in a small town of Seduva. Got interested in to music production in 2001. At first it was only a hobby, just a fun thing to do. With his fellow they were starting to build their own tracks and get into the secrets of music production. After some time Darius got some requests from DJ’s and other producers to put his hands on their productions. Now he is concentrated on his solo work.

Tracks played and supported by Nacho Marco, Saulty & Bradka (Downtown Party Network), Santi Touch & Reverse (EleFlight Rec.), Loranas Vaitkus (Mix Subas), Antanas Gustaitis, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Untitled Music.

Currently residing in Denmark.

This young talent is worth to keep an eye on, so you are more then welcome to find about him more on Facebook and follow him on SoundCloud.

Here is one of his works, enjoy!