Amanda Wachob…

Amanda Wachob is a person that transformed the image of tattoo art in my eyes forever. I always was fascinated by tattoo art, but in most cases I thought it was not art’y enough, until I found this artist.

Her style is what I love, true art, she transforms oil paintings onto your skin. Beautiful ideas and brilliantly done, she is inspiration for all my upcoming tattoos, and hopefully one day I”ll get one from her directly.

This Buffalo, NY-born artist moved her impressive body of work from cloth to skin as her primary canvas.

Amanda Wachob’s tattoo art ranges from the abstract brush marks across a forearm to a plus and minus adorning the fists playing on the duality of nature to more conventional tattoo art, including an excellent portrait of blues singer Leadbelly.

In some of her work, which she terms, “Conceptual Tattoos,” Wachob uses distilled water in place of indelible ink so that the piece is impermanent visibly but leaves a trace as the body heals. It is intended that as your body heals the the mark, the symbol’s energies are absorbed, as she writes on her website.

These days Wachob partners with Daredevil Tattoo in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which has flourished as one of the premier tattoo parlors since New York legalized tattooing in 1997.

See more about Amanda on her beautiful website.