The Secret….

It is scientifically proven that thoughts form reality. Our brain sends out vibe into universe and then law of attraction is at work. Depends on the vibes you send out, what you will attract, so better think positive. Off course it is not as easy to think positive sometimes as we would like to, but the comforting fact is that positive and pleasant thoughts are hundreds of times stronger than negative, so this should eliminate the worry about all the worried thoughts=)

I grew up with this philosophy, I remember I couldn’t wait to go to bed to dream about things, because that was my happy place, I did not even notice how all those happy thoughts always became reality.

When you grow up, it is not that easy anymore to loose yourself in the world of dreams and fantasies, we get lost in everyday life, everyday problems and forget how much better our life could be if we would just take the time, passion and courage to allow to dream ourselves again…

Every time I have trouble doing that, fantasizing, I watch a movie, that reminds me, that it’s me who is in control of my life, it reminds me how much easier it was when being a child….and every single time, at least for a short period of time, my life changes…This movie is a kick in my as* that I need to get back on right track…

Therefore I want to share the movie here, hoping it will be useful for you too. No matter how skeptical or pessimistic you might be, watch it, at least once, better twice, you won’t be able to think exactly the same as you did before, and that’s for your own good=)

The movie is called “The Secret”. It is available as a book, as an audio and as DVD. Something really worth having in your collection=)

The book is available at Amazon, you can even look inside, to get a preview, click here

The DVD is available at Amazon as well, click here

And here is The Secret movie preview, enjoy!=)