Natalie Dee…

One of my favorite artist, that fascinated me with the simplicity and originality of her art is Natalie Dee. I believe many of you saw her work all over internet, more then once, but I believe no one actually paid attention who it was made by. I certainly didn’t in the beginning, but after my attention repeatedly was bought by her work, I did a small research who is behind these drawings.

NatalieDee is a webcomic created by Natalie Dee.

The webcomics feature recurring characters such as Natalie Dee’s dogs, Chester and Charles.There are a number of references to Natalie Dee’s own life, for example her pets and previous jobs and family although the comics are not supposed to be autobiographical.

She works together with Drew Fairweather, professionally known as Drew. He is an American author and artist residing in Ohio. He is notable for being the creator of the webcomic Toothpaste Dinner which can also be found on website.

There is a new comic added daily to The Webcomics comprise various sketches illustrating amusing or anecdotal situations from every day life and they do not follow a plot.

The artistic and fun drawings are free to use and share for everyone, so you can make yourself a fun desktop wallpaper, print on the wall or whatever you just can imagine.

The comics are also available on T-Shirts on Sharing Mashine site (click here)

If you got interested, you are welcome to explore the crazy and funny world of Dee and Drew, hopefully it will brighten up your life=)