Some things about me….

Before I start posting, I would like to tell a bit about myself, because then you can get the idea what my post will be about…

I like making gifts, I think I am pretty good at that, because I take all the time I need to find something special, otherwise what’s the point of making gift at all?

I also want to change the world…big statement ha?! I say no! Anyone can do it, sometimes it takes a small act for big changes…You can do it too, it feels really good afterwards and I will help you to find out how you can make a change=)

I can’t live without music! And I enjoy exploring new one everyday…so I’ll share some with you, maybe you’ll discover what you like=)

I have two cutest pets at home, they are my inspiration for many things and you will surely see and hear quite a lot about them!=)

“TRUE LOVE IS ART”  I love photography, fashion and graphic design…all sorts of art actually, as well as tattoo art, I will try to share those love of mine here too=)

I am really fascinated by old days, retro style, pin up girls…also the 80’s! I am glad many things in our life look to the past now to get the inspiration instead of going into very different future to the point where it is absurd…some things better should stay in movies=)

Oh, and also…I am huge enthusiast about UFO’s and other mysteries of this and other worlds….so sometimes it might become a lot out of this earth here…specially since it’s the year where the world supposedly should come to an end…do you believe that??

I’m sure I haven’t mentioned all the things that I wanted but that’s a start….so.. – Hi, it’s me! Nice to meet you….I hope you’ll enjoy your time on this site=)